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This website is a resource for you to manage services offered by the city of Las Vegas Parking Office. You can pay or appeal your parking ticket online. There are no additional charges for online payments.

The city of Las Vegas parking tickets may be issued on different ticket books. Here are sample tickets indicating where you will find the required information to pay or appeal online. You will need both the ticket number and either the license plate (do not include the state code) or the VIN for the vehicle that was cited, depending if the citation was issued to the plate or the VIN.

**If you are unable to find your ticket online, or having trouble adding your ticket to your cart, please contact the Parking Services office by tel: 702-229-4700 or email: [email protected] **


Please DO NOT appeal a ticket for any of the following reasons listed below, prior to contacting us. You may qualify for an administrative review and fine reduction without having to go through the appeal process. Parking Services Tel. 702-229-4700

1. Registration Violation - if you were registered at time of citation.

2. Handicap Violation - if you have a valid handicap placard at time of citation.

3. Overtime Meter - you have a valid paid receipt for the meter that covers the time of the citation.

4. No Longer Own the vehicle - if you have a complete Bill of Sale or Trade in documents dated and signed prior to the time of the citation.

We recommend reviewing all your options by visiting our Parking Website before continuing.


You can request a temporary RV Parking Permit on this page. These permits are at no charge, but have some restrictions. You can review the guidelines on our Parking Website under Parking Permits.